Grain Guardians

This is definitely one of my favourite paintings that I have done in awhile. Not only because of the story behind it but because for anyone that grew up on the prairies, elevators were just a common sight. These tall ladies are fading away from our horizons and I find that sad. 

18 x 10 Limited Canvas Edition of 25 $195.00

34 x 20 Limited Canvas Edition of 15 $495.00

****As a little extra, let me know what town name you want to have on the elevator and I will handprint it on! 

My Story: 
My grandpa use to doodle these crazy curvy grain elevators for me saying they looked like tall ladies. They lived in a small town in Saskatchewan and when I was young we’d walk the tracks to the elevator there. (It was pretty tall to a six year old kid!) The thing about these ‘tall lovely ladies’ is they all looked the same and every town proudly had one. Now they are a vanishing sight. I remember one night we were outside and heard an owl and gramps said ‘that’s the owl that protects the grain in the elevator at night’. Of course I believed him. I miss his little tales even though it’s been just about 40 years since we lost him. This painting is all about him….a tall tale with a watchful brave old owl, with his not so reliable companions.

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Grain Guardians | 2017 | birds of a feather