FIRST NATIONS Princess and the Pea

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We are very fortune to live close to Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a place dedicated to the preservation of the rich history of the Northern Plains Indians that proudly lived on these vast grasslands that we now all call home. With their help I was able to create this painting to of my First Nations Princess and the Pea.

The warmth of the rugs and the blankets beneath her makes a perfect area for Sticky, the bear “pea” to snuggle within. The glow of the moon on the leather and furs makes the painting a rich place to cuddle up to.

*no animal was harmed for this painting…it’s faux fur and fake leather

50 x 70 Original Acrylic on Canvas

This design was chosen for a line of quilting fabric for Elizabeth Studios, NY.


FIRST NATIONS | 2016 | Original Art, Princess and the Pea