Feeling a Little Blue

 Original 30 x 40 acrylic on canvas: SOLD

limited edition canvas prints:

12 x 16 195.00 edition 25
32 x 24 450.00 edition 15 
33 x 24 950.00 *enhanced edition 10 

*artist enhanced: I will hand paint into each print something new, making them each unique. We can even discuss adding something with meaning to you making it special and personal. 

‘Every summer our family would go a couple hours north and enter forest and lake country to spend our holidays. Camping in a trailer was safe but we still had to be careful about leaving food out as this was also bear country.

On one such trip I was walking with my dad back to our trailer and we saw ahead of us a round black bear sitting and staring very sadly at the newly installed ‘bear proof’ garbage containers. He had his head rested on the ledge….a few chipper birds were perked close by him trying to cheer him up. My dad chuckled and said that the bear was feeling a little blue.’

To purchase please visit Bohème Gallery website or call them at 306-260-5325


Feeling a Little Blue | 2017 | birds of a feather, Original Art