When Denyse was in grade four she knew that she was going to be an artist. So sure of herself, she announced to her parents that she should now quite school and start her career. That was over 40 years ago.

From this auspicious start, Denyse has devoted her life to art and creativity. Denyse’s landscapes, portraits and murals have graced the halls of hotels, resorts and in-home décor. Her collections of original paintings have been represented in galleries internationally.

Denyse has had the privilege to sculpt licensed products for Disney Characters and went on to illustrate several children’s books. She created characters for a Canadian television project where her sense of humor and whimsical style blossomed.  

St Martin’s/ MacMillian publishing signed an international contract with Denyse for the Sept 13, 2016 release of an adult colouring book entitled Fairies in Dreamland. This delightful book is a celebration of Denyse’s skill and style. These sleepy Fairies, along with their animal friends-rabbits, pigs and birds are ready to sparkle with all the colors you could possibly dream up. 

Denyse’s ever changing collections of art truly reflects her depth of her imagination, one that has never stopped growing since she made that career decision when she was 8.